About Us

Fusion is the name of our youth ministries at St. Mark’s UMC.  When we gather together as a group, we become not only fused  with Christ through the Holy Spirit, we also become fused together, whole and complete, even as diverse and broken people.

At Fusion Youth, we seek to connect with Christ on a deeper, more meaningful level.  Through fellowship, worship, bible studies, games, retreats, missions and more, we fuse our group together in the Body of Christ.  We experience together the love and grace of Jesus Christ as we strive to find ways to put our personal faith into action.

We are a place that’s not only fun, but also helps you experience a connection with your Savior.  We invite you to come and be a part of the fusion.

Goals of the group:

Know the Word – We want an atmosphere that encourages personal spiritual growth.  We will do this through powerful messages, testimonies, emotional experiences, core groups, worship, bible study and lesson times.

Know each other – We want to connect with people who are present, invite new people, encourage those who have drifted away and make new people feel welcome and included.  We will invest in each other by sharing personally with each other about our lives and faith journey.  Our group will bond through fun activities, games, retreats and missions.

Know God – We want everyone to know God personally.  We want the Holy Spirit to be alive in our group in a way that makes it appealing to all ages.  We want our faith to play out in our everyday life – to be persons who put their faith into action.